Saturday, 11 July 2020

Bagheli Chicken

Today in Yours Recipe section I will share the recipe of Bagheli Chicken. This is from the kitchen of Maharaj of Rewa.


The ingredients we took for this dish are as follows Chicken - 1 Kg,Medium Sized Onions - 4 cleanly cut,turmeric - 1/2 tbsp,Garam masala - 1/2 tbsp,Salt - 2 tbsp,Dried Fenugreek - 1 tbsp,Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder - 1 tbsp, Coriander Powder - 2 tbsp,Clarified Butter - 100 gm,Red Chilli - 100 gm which is heated and the seeds are removed,Curd - 200 gm which is the main ingredient of this chicken,40 to 50 garlic or approx 100 gm,Fresh Coriander - 50 gm.




Now see the Garlic and Red Chilli and Curd are to be mixed thoroughly and a paste has to be made and with the help of paste we will marinate this chicken and later keep it for 1 hour and later on we will prepare Bagheli Chicken.As I have made a paste using Curd, Red Chilli and Garlic it is a very different recipe and quite delicious.Next we have Kashmiri Red Chilli used for giving colour which we will use for marination.We will keep it for 1 hour for marination so that the chicken tenders well and the ingredients gets absorbed in the chicken. It is a very simple recipe from the kitchen of Rewa Maharaj.The paste that has been prepared here truly enhances the taste.  


Now let's start making this dish,from the Maharaj of Rewa,Bagheli Chicken. First and foremost we have taken Ghee which is to put in pan. If you want you can use oil also.We will let the clarified butter heat.Next add the grinded onions gently. We will make them golden brown for 10-12 mins.It is very important for onions to cook well otherwise they smell.Now we will add marinated chicken to the heated pan.This Bagheli recipe is very famous from Bundelkhand.Now we will cover the lid for 10 mins.After 10 mins have elapsed let's remove the lid. Now we will cook on full heat for some time. You can see the Clarified butter is floating chicken is quite tender. Bagheli Chicken is ready. Now as per our requirement we may add water or you can avoid water also if you want to eat directly with Chapati. I am using a little bit of water We have 1 glass of water that I am using. Don't use too much water otherwise the gravy will become quite thin and chicken will be spiceless.Water has to be used in proportion.The chicken is semi gravy now. Put the gas on full and add coriander to it.Apart from coriander we have for flavor Fenugreek Leaves which we are using here.It gives a very unique taste.Use it in limited quantities, not much now we will heat it for 5 mins by covering the lid and our Bagheli Chicken will be ready.If you like the recipe please give me feedback and Like.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Rabri - North Indian Milk Dessert

Today I will be making Rabri. This is a North Indian delicacy. Rabri is a reduced milk. Cooked little differently.Instead of creamy, rabri is lumpy. Rabri by itself is a rich dessert. You can add a new dimension to your favorite dessert by topping rabri to desserts like malpua, jalebi, gulab jamun even toasted waffles. This recipe will serve 4. 



To make rabri we will need: 4 cups of milk 2 tablespoons of sugar 2 teaspoons of sliced pistachios 2 teaspoons of sliced almonds And 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom powder. 


For rabri use wide heavy bottom frying pan. So first I will pour the milk. Boil the milk on medium high. When Milk has come to full boil  we are going to push the cream on the sides of the frying pan slowly and lower the heat to low medium. We should not boil this on the high heat otherwise on the rims this cream rabri will start burning. Do stir it in the center just once in a while. So it doesn’t burn from bottom. Now wait again till it becomes the dome. And we are going to push it on the sides of the frying pan. So just keep pushing it on the sides. And this is the rabri what you see on the side. I started with 4 cups of milk it will take about 40 minutes to finish this process. And we will have about 2.5 cups of rabri. This has been about 30 minutes. and rabri is looking really good. As you see on the sides of the frying pan you can see the cream. So it’s time to add the sugar,almonds, cardamom powder and pistachios we will save for the garnishing. Now we should boil it for another about 7-8 minutes. It has been about 40 minutes. And rabri will be looking ready, very nice. On the sides  you will see this has dried up.This is also known as khurchan. So if you just pick up the sides and don’t put it in the milk, It’s called khurchan. Turn off the heat and just scrape the sides and put it in the milk. Rabri is ready. 


If you are serving this as rabri it is served chilled. But if you are putting this over the waffles or malpuas then it should be warm.Enjoy it with your friends.

Restaurant Style Dal Fry

Hello Friend's in Yours Recipe today I am going to show you a very special and healthy Dal Recipe which is very popular in India and everybody like to have this with Rice, Roti, Paratha or Nan. Today I am going to make Dal Fry,Restaurant Style Dal Fry, it will be a very good Recipe and definitely you are going to like this because I know some Secret which they are using in the Restaurants.



Firstly, we need 1/2 cup split red lentil (Masoor Dal)   and 1/2 cup split green gram (Moong Dal) Wash both of them for 2-3 times in water Then soak them in 4 cups water for half an hour   Put this soaked mixture along with water in pressure cooker Add 1 tblsp salt in it 1/4 tsp turmeric powder (Haldi powder) 1 tsp oil Mix all of them   Close the lid of pressure cooker And cook it upto one whistle Now we'll prepare the tadka for dal.Heat 1/4 cup oil in a pan.   Add 1 tblsp cumin seeds (Jeera) Roast the cumin seeds till they turn light brown Add 6 cloves chopped garlic,1 inch chopped ginger, 6-8 green chillies finely chopped.Saute all the ingredients lightly. Keep the flame on low while sauteing them. Add 1/2 cup finely chopped onion. Saute the onion till it turns light brown Onions have turned light brown, Add 1/2 cup finely chopped tomato Mix and cook until the tomatoes get soft.Close the pan with a lid and cook the tomatoes.After tomatoes been cooked Add 8-10 curry leaves (kadi patta) 1 tblsp fenugreek (Kasoori Methi) 1/4 tsp asafoetida (Hing) Mix them properly, Add 1 tsp red chilly powder & 1/2 tsp meat masala, You can also use garam masala instead of meat masala Mix them together and saute for few seconds. Dal has been cooked up to 1 whistle and add this dal in the pan. Mix it properly And allow the dal to boil. You can adjust the consistency of dal by the amount of water you put in. I've put one cup water in the dal. Cook the dal till it comes to a boil.Add 2 tblsps coriander leaves and 1 tblsp butter. Dal fry is ready. Switch off the gas And serve it hot with jeera rice, parathas or naan.

Aloo Parantha

Today in my kitchen, I will be making my favorite Aloo Parantha. And before making Aloo Parantha, first, we need to prepare the dough.To prepare the dough, we take the flour, and add a generous pinch of salt to it. Then we add water and knead it nicely. The dough is ready.  Give it rest for 10 minutes.



For the stuffing of Aloo Parantha, we have boiled and mashed potatoes. To this, we add salt, red chilly powder, cumin, coriander seeds, finely chopped ginger, finely chopped green chilly and finely chopped coriander leaves. We mix it well. Mixture done. This is our dough, which is well-rested. We cut small portions from the dough and make round balls from them. I have this flour, in this, we press the round dough balls and we stretch it In this, we fill the stuffing, fold it, roll it lightly And it's done. There is one more way of stuffing the Aloo Parantha. You take 2 small dough balls and roll this lightly keep it aside. Now we lightly stretch this too Not very much, just a little. Now, we put some stuffing in the middle and spread it a little Not extremely towards the sides, just around the center Now, the second dough will go on the top And we will stretch it over and press it and keep it on the top. Now Flip it On the Flour. When you make the Aloo Parantha like this Clearly, 2 layers of these forms it is very delicious and crispy Now we heat a griddle And place the Parantha on the hot griddle Now we turn it over There. We'll cook it on this side for 1 minute On medium flame quick turn Now put Ghee on it Turn it Ghee on the second side too, You can also use oil if you want. 


This looks gorgeous & It smells good. Aloo Parantha with the hint of chili in the stuffing. And cooked in Desi Ghee And just look at Hot and happening Aloo Parantha. I'm very hungry but Before eating, it's important to wash your hands                  

Coconut Chutney

Today in Yours Recipe we'll be making Coconut Chutney


It is a very simple Chutney. You might have had it with Dosa or Idli, else would've at least heard about it. The best part is that it is a fresh Chutney. And you enjoy it only when you consume it fresh.

  First, we'll take Grated Coconut. This is a freshly grated Coconut. We'll add to this a little Split Chickpeas. This is roasted split Chickpeas. In this goes a little Ginger. 1 small Green Chilli. 1 small piece of Tamarind. Salt to taste. We'll add a little water to it. Just enough so that the Chutney blends easily. And now we blend it. Done. Look at that. Nice and thick. This Chutney is ready. It's thick. Which is a good thing. You may dilute it a bit if you want. But it is more intense when it's thick. I like it a little thick. But it is not complete yet. It's tempering is still left. We'll put Oil in it. In this goes Dry Red Chilli. Small amount of Pulses (Dal). In this goes Mustard seeds. And then Curry leaves. And immediately pour this over the Chutney. Give it a nice mix. Coconut Chutney is very versatile and it blends in whatever ingredient you add to it. If you want you may add a little Garlic to it also. Garlic gives it a nice flavor. If you have any herbs, you may add them too. We will fill this up. You may also have the Coconut Chutney with Parantha. In fact if you have bread at home you may toast it and put Chutney on it. Yum! And our Coconut Chutney is done.

Paneer Makhni or Paneer Makhanwala

Paneer Makhni or Paneer Makhanwala (with butter) is one dish which is like a one-pot dish. That is we cook everything in one single pot, puree it and finish it in the same pot. Just in case even if you are thinking of any other recipe don't. This is the simplest and the most tasty Paneer Makhni. 




To make Paneer Makhni we take a little water in a pan. Very little. In this goes roughly chopped Tomatoes, a little sliced Onion, Garlic, this is Ginger, Bayleaf, Black Cardamom, Cinnamon, Green Cardamom. Now we add Cloves, Green Chilli, Kashmiri Chilli Powder, a little Butter, just a little. Handfull of Cashew nuts. Generous amount of Salt. Let's give it a nice stir. After mixing everything together we cover it with a lid and then we let it cook patiently over mild flame for about 20-25 minutes. Tomatoes are completely mashed. In fact, the Cashews in this are also soft. We'll turn off the gas. Before grinding, we cool it down a bit and these Bayleaf needs to be removed and Black Cardamom is also removed. With that remove the Cinnamon too. We remove these 3 spices because when we grind it these spices will take it to a darker shade. So we have to remove them. This goes in the blender. Now we will grind this. This has blended nicely. And as it is so finely blended we need not strain it. Just in case something isn't fine with your mixer or you see some chunk you may strain it. 


We'll take some Butter. Good amount of butter. Now you might take less butter if you don't want too much butter. In fact, if you like no Onion, no Garlic food to eat. You may avoid adding Onion, Garlic, and Ginger, in this. Butter has melted. First, we add a little chopped Ginger to it. Ginger, Butter, and Green Chilli are 3 ingredients which give a nice flavor to Paneer Makhani or Butter Chicken. We add Green Chilli into this. Lightly saute this. Now we add the Cottage Cheese (Paneer) into this. Just lightly cook them. It may seem that the butter is in excess but understand that in this gravy we didn't add a lot of butter we added just a little butter. And there is butter in Paneer Makhani. And just in case you don't like to eat, a lot of butter you can always cut it down. Sprinkle some Salt. We add a little Kashmiri Red Chilli to this. And immediately after this, we add the gravy You have to be careful that the Chilli doesn't burn. So the Chilli, light stir and then the curry. Gently mix it. Nice, soft, silken, creamy Makhani curry. Curry is very versatile.


We have added Paneer in this now. If you want, you may add mushrooms, or mix vegetables in this. You may add chicken in this. At the same time if you want to make "Matar Paneer" (Peas and Cheese) Make this same gravy toss the Peas and Cheese in the butter and then add the same gravy to it. That will be a different style of "Matar Paneer" But again very tasty. Cook this for about 5 minutes over mild flame. Add some salt. As per seasoning. Now, Turn off the gas and after that we add into this Cream. Lightly mix it. With that goes dried Fenugreek leaves powder You may crush it completely or keep it a bit coarse. Up to you. Now a lot of recipes tell you to add sugar or honey to this. You can add some sugar. But it is added only when your tomato is too sour Specially those Desi Tomatoes we get in the summers They are too sour. A little sweetness offset's them. It should not be very sweet. This is just perfect. It doesn't need sugar. And our Paneer Makhani is done. We need to plate this. Carefully lift the Paneer. Pour some cream over. And a fresh sprig of Coriander. And our Paneer Makhani is done.