Sunday, 5 July 2020

Coconut Chutney

Today in Yours Recipe we'll be making Coconut Chutney


It is a very simple Chutney. You might have had it with Dosa or Idli, else would've at least heard about it. The best part is that it is a fresh Chutney. And you enjoy it only when you consume it fresh.

  First, we'll take Grated Coconut. This is a freshly grated Coconut. We'll add to this a little Split Chickpeas. This is roasted split Chickpeas. In this goes a little Ginger. 1 small Green Chilli. 1 small piece of Tamarind. Salt to taste. We'll add a little water to it. Just enough so that the Chutney blends easily. And now we blend it. Done. Look at that. Nice and thick. This Chutney is ready. It's thick. Which is a good thing. You may dilute it a bit if you want. But it is more intense when it's thick. I like it a little thick. But it is not complete yet. It's tempering is still left. We'll put Oil in it. In this goes Dry Red Chilli. Small amount of Pulses (Dal). In this goes Mustard seeds. And then Curry leaves. And immediately pour this over the Chutney. Give it a nice mix. Coconut Chutney is very versatile and it blends in whatever ingredient you add to it. If you want you may add a little Garlic to it also. Garlic gives it a nice flavor. If you have any herbs, you may add them too. We will fill this up. You may also have the Coconut Chutney with Parantha. In fact if you have bread at home you may toast it and put Chutney on it. Yum! And our Coconut Chutney is done.

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